The online travel exhibition and events platform is the vision of Megan Meeres, CEO of Travel Expo 365. With over 30 years
of experience in promoting destinations and products through advertising and partnerships for travel publishing and
exhibition brands, Megan saw the opportunity to create a travel expo with a difference – it would run throughout the year
and be delivered online.

Travel Expo 365 is not about ‘replacing’ attendance at trade shows, the platform seeks to enhance the networking and meeting
opportunities created through offline marketing events throughout the year, in a cost-effective way. 

Providing an additional forum for buyers and sellers to keep up-to-date with industry trends and meet new contacts 365 days a year, 24/7 Travel Expo 265 links offline marketing events together providing buyers with high value travel knowledge and suppliers in one ‘venue’ accessible through any internet connected device, anytime. 

Many of the agents that register for Travel Expo 365 and the Global Promotion Events don’t travel to geographically located trade shows and are therefore inaccessible to travel suppliers. Travel Expo 365 provides a platform to meet travel trade suppliers and learn about destinations easily, online, in their own time. Travel Expo 365 suppliers are able to commit to physically exhibiting at their most preferred shows around the world, whilst knowing they have a continual presence the rest of the year online.

Travel Expo 365 provides buyers with access to:

  • Speaker sessions and notes are kept in the resource library always accessible: never deleted
  • A networking room allows new contacts and networking to be driven amongst online questions; feedback and social media feeds
  • The auditorium ensures you can keep abreast of news and relevant subjects: in your own time
  • Stands are open 24/7 – no opportunity is missed again for both exhibitors and buyers
  • Easy notification tools and meeting set-up offers everyone the chance to meet at a time that suits them

Travel Expo 365 extends its portfolio with a range of Global Promotion Events throughout the year focusing on the most
relevant and up-to-date topics in certain destinations, giving the travel trade community the chance to discuss the subjects
that affect them and matters to them most.

Travel Expo 365 works with leading associations and partners in the travel trade industry
Megan Meeres saw the opportunity to launch an expo with a difference – find out more about our team
Find out more about the Travel Expo 365 Global Promotion Events and schedule for 2019
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